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How to Increase Your Risk of Plumbing Problems

woman-looking-scaredMany of the plumbing blog posts you read today tell you what to do when you have a plumbing problem and when to call on a professional. This advice should be followed, but we’re going to take a little different approach on the topic today. We want to tell you what not to do when it comes to your plumbing. Many homeowners unknowingly put their pipes at risk doing seemingly minor things, and that’s what we are going to cover today. Read on!

Do Not Use Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaners

We get it, these drain cleaners are marketed as being able to effectively remove drain clogs. And for the most part, they do. There are a few different problems with these “solutions,” however.

First off, the chemicals in these drain cleaners are caustic. This means that not only do they eat away at whatever is clogging up your pipes, but they also eat away at the lining of the pipes themselves, slowly causing corrosion.

“But I only used it once!”

That brings us to the second problem with store-bought drain cleaners. They only offer a temporary solution. They don’t actually remove the clog from the drain, they just make it easier to cut through the clog. So a few months later, that clog will just build right back up, and you’ll find yourself reaching for another bottle of that stuff.

Lastly, the chemicals found in these drain cleaners are not good for you. The fumes from them along can cause eye irritation and respiratory distressed. If you’re using chemical drain cleaners in a poorly ventilated room, such as a bathroom in the middle of your home without a window, you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

Do Not Skip Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing maintenance performed by a trained professional allows for a careful inspection of your pipes. Our plumbers will use video pipe inspection to look deep down into your plumbing and check for any problems. This may include signs of corrosion, clogs that are building up, or damaged piping that can use relining or perhaps even replacement.

Do Not Put FOG Down Your Kitchen Sink

FOG stands for “fats, oils, and grease,” and is a cooking byproduct. You may think this is harmless, as it is a liquid. The problem is, however, this liquid hardens as it cools off. So when you poor it down your kitchen sink, it enters the pipes, begins cooling, and hardens. If you keep doing this, the clog formed by FOG will just keep closing in until it’s completely blocked up your plumbing.

Instead, we urge you to put FOG in a disposable container and throw it away once it cools and hardens. This may be a bit inconvenient, but your plumbing will thank you, not to mention your wallet will thank you!

Do Not Trust an Amateur Plumber

Whether you want to schedule plumbing maintenance or need a professional drain cleaning, we urge to you to contact our pros. Trusting the work to an amateur plumber doesn’t guarantee that the problem will be solved, nor does it allow for effective drain cleaning methods, such as hydro-jetting. You may end up leaving your pipes further damaged than they already were without a trained and experienced plumber on hand.

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