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How Trenchless Pipe Lining Makes Plumbing Repair Easier

Not too long ago, replacing a sewer line meant digging up a trench along the entire length of pipe. Trenchless pipe lining is an innovative engineering process designed to install and replace underground utilities with minimal excavation and surface disruptions. This fairly new technology is a rapidly growing sector of the construction and civil engineering industry, and with good reason.

Why Is This Important?

Your sewer lines are a huge part of your plumbing system, affecting many other components. Breaks or blockages in a sewer line could cause your drains to back up. Not only is this unpleasant, but it can result in huge problems for your home, including flood damage. Repairing sewer lines is not an easy process. However, trenchless pipe lining offers a faster, less expensive, environmentally friendly, easier method to do so.

Trenchless pipe lining reduces the time it takes to perform sewer repairs, as well as the cost. This results in more convenience for you as a homeowner.  No structural modification—such as taking out walls—is required to conduct sewer line repairs. Additionally, no digging equipment is needed. This eliminates the need to dig up the earth and affect trees and other plants. It also reduces cleanup, making the whole job quicker and easier.

What Does This Mean for Me?

With the traditional digging method, homeowners were forced to either haul their water manually or relocate for a pretty significant amount of time during sewer line repairs. With trenchless pipe lining, however, this inconvenience is dramatically reduced. You shouldn’t be without water for any longer than necessary!

Trenchless pipe relining eliminates the need for most of the excavation work that a pipe replacement would otherwise necessitate. You can even benefit from pipe relining if you don’t need a whole new pipe. Trenchless technology allows for holes or patches to be bridged with minimal disruption.

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