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How to Tell If Your Toilet Is Leaking

Last week, we talked about the importance of having your toilet professionally repaired if you notice a leak. Toilets can use up a lot of water when they are leaking, ultimately affecting your monthly bills and taking a toll on the environment. But a toilet that is leaking doesn’t necessarily overflow or burst suddenly like other portions of your plumbing system. So how can you be sure that your toilet is wasting water?

Signs of a Leak

When a toilet leaks, it may give off signs that it’s in trouble. However, you may not even find out about a leak until you have your toilet checked by a professional. Check out some of the signs that your toilet is wasting water by the minute.

  • Phantom Flushing: If your toilet makes a flushing noise when it is not in use, you definitely have a leak. You should call in a professional to check out any unusual noises coming from your toilet.
  • A Faulty Handle: If you have to jiggle the handle to get a running noise to stop or if you have to hold it down to flush the toilet, you may have a leak.
  • Water: Of course, the appearance of water dripping from the bowl or tank, even just a small trickle over the sides, deserves professional attention.
  • A Failed Dye Test: A professional plumber who has dye tablets on hand can test your toilet for leaks and determine what should be done to repair it. A dye test involves dropping a tablet of dye into the tank and checking to see whether it seeps into the bowl. How quickly it goes into the bowl helps a plumber determine the size of the leak. You can also do this with food coloring, but it’s much more convenient to have a professional complete the test for you.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC has dye tabs to test your toilet for leaks, and we can make any necessary repairs to your toilet in Lake Worth, FL. Call our super-friendly team for exceptional service!

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