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How Professional Pipe Lining Benefits You

When the sewer pipes underneath your property need repair, we strongly recommend looking into professional pipe lining services. Any plumber can dig a large trench in your property to access the pipe on your property and repair or replace the affected area. But this is time-consuming and destructive.

Only select plumbers use pipe lining services to effectively tackle pipe leaks and other issues without damaging the property. Learn more about this service below, and call qualified technicians who are equipped with the right technology to carry out the job.

How Pipe Lining Works

So how can it be that you can repair the pipes without digging up the yard to get to them? While the trenchless technology used for professional pipe lining is often called “no-dig” technology, this isn’t exactly right. A little digging will take place where the pipe connects to your home’s drain lines. This way, hydraulic equipment can move inside of the pipes.

Sometimes, two holes are required: one where the piping meets your home and one where it meets the city sewer main at the edge of your property. The hydraulic equipment is used to push a new pipe lining through the old broken piping. The pipe lining is coated with an adhesive, and is carefully inflated once it is put into place. Then, it seals to the old pipe lining and it’s given time to dry before the plumbers reassemble the piping.

Will This Hold Up?

Yes! The lining inside of your pipes will be durable and effective, lasting decades in most cases. As long as there isn’t significant damage to the inside of the pipes, it should seal well and stay in place for a long time to come. A technician will inspect your pipes beforehand to make sure that pipe relining is really the best option for your home. If not, they’ll explain your options and help you to make the right choice.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers pipe lining services in North Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. Call our friendly team!

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