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Going on Vacation? Try Our Plumbing Tips

You’ve been ready for this vacation for a long time, but you’re not sure if your home really is. You don’t want to stress too much about your home while you’re on vacation, but the plumbing system is complex. Leaks and system failures may come up while you are gone, and they can progress into major problems before you return. Follow our tips to protect your plumbing system on an extended vacation.

Get a House Sitter

Hiring a house sitter to care for your home helps you to feel a lot better about things. Of course, you may be new in town and without a person you can trust to drop by. And when you don’t have any pets or lots of plants that need watering, then you don’t want to make someone drop in every day or stay for an extended period of time if you don’t have to.

Shut off the Water

Shutting off the water completely while you’re away could be a good idea, especially if you don’t expect to return for several weeks or even a month or more.

Disconnect the Water Heater

The water heater uses a lot of energy, so unplugging it can help out with your bills too. Draining the system completely helps to avoid leaks as well. (If you live in a colder area than ours, however, and you’re vacationing for the winter, this isn’t the best idea).

Check for Leaks

Knowing about leaks now helps to save you some hassle later on, and keeps you from dealing with the problem and some severe water damage right when you get back from vacation. Check under sinks and at all exposed pipes, or call professionals for complete leak detection.

Pour Water in Drains

Putting water in an infrequently used drains stops you from having to smell sewage when you return. If you do notice a sewage smell when you come back, it could just be that water has evaporated from the P-trap. Try putting another gallon of water into the drain and see if this helps.

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