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Does Your Well Pump Need Replacement?

If you get your water from a well on your property (rather than from the city supply), you already know how important the well pump is to the operation of your entire water system. The well pump provides the pressure necessary to make sure water is always able to flow out of your faucets (unlike with a municipal supply, which is simply pressurized at all times with no maintenance required of the homeowner).

When you use a well to get your water, you save on the cost of having fresh, clean water. However, you do have to worry about the well pump failing, which can happen since a pump has moving parts. But does your struggling well pump really need replacement? Find out in the guide below.

Signs Your Well Pump Needs Replacement

If you notice any of the following problems with your water or your pump, it may indicate that your well pump is failing and needs replacement. On the other hand, you can attribute many of these issues to other problems with the plumbing system:

  • A Drop in Water Pressure
  • Water Sporadically Spitting out of the Faucet
  • High Electric Bills from a Well that Runs Nonstop
  • Noises from the Pump

On the other hand, some of these problems could be attributed to something else. A drop in water pressure could indicate a major leak in the pipes in your home. And you may only need a new pressure switch rather than a new pump.

What You Should Do

If you suspect problems with your well pump, you should shut off the power so as not to waste energy, and so that you can find out what the trouble is. A good pump should last up to 25 years, so it’s probable that the well pump does not need replacement.

We recommend that you talk to a plumber to find out what the problem really is. Find a qualified plumber you can trust to be honest and upfront, and make sure you have the services you need to keep water moving into your home.

The plumbers at Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC are well pump specialists in Boca Raton, FL. Call our super friendly team for exceptional service.

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