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Do You Have a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are the “he who must not be named” of plumbing problems. The term exists in the back of every homeowner’s mind while they cross their fingers during a plumbing visit, hoping the words “slab leak” don’t come into the conversation. They can be just that bad.

There is no cheap solution to slab leaks, and if you’re looking for an easy way out—you’re not going to find one here. However, the easiest and most cost-effective way of dealing with a slab leak is prevention. The faster you notice a slab leak affecting your property, the less money it will cost to fix and the less damage it will cause to the rest of your home. That’s why we’ll be providing some sure-fire ways to tell if you’re dealing with a slab leak, so you’ll know exactly when to call for plumbing in Boca Raton, FL.

The Slab Leak

What exactly is a slab leak? For those that are coming into this completely blind, let us fill you in. A slab leak is when water infiltrates underneath the concrete foundation of your home. They can leak for extended periods of time while showing little to no signs of their existence, but the damage done can potentially be catastrophic. With enough water and time, a slab leak can make the foundation of your home collapse and cost you ten times more than you’re willing to pay for repairs.

Slab Signals

The best defense is a good offense, and our offense, in this case, is the constant awareness of slab leak signals. If you recognize any of the problems below, call us right away for a professional to check the damage that’s been done.

  • High Water Bills. We mentioned earlier that slab leaks can show little to no sign of their existence until it is too late. Well, one sign that can’t really be avoided is a higher than normal water bill. You’re ultimately paying for the water that ends up leaking into your home’s foundation, so it could be a good sign that something is wrong when your water bill rises unnaturally.
  • Mold or Mildew Under Carpets or Floorboards. The foundation of your home rests below your home. Therefore, if you notice excessive mold or mildew growing beneath your basement carpets or floors, you might be dealing with a nasty slab leak. Mold and mildew grow abundantly in the environment that a slab leak provides.
  • Water Running Noises. This signal might be a little more obvious. If you can hear the sound of running water while you’re in your basement, and you’re positive that there’s no running water in your home at the moment, that could be a sign of a slab leak.

Do any of these signs sound familiar? Slab leaks can be costly and the longer they go unnoticed, the worse the damage can be. Give our team a call if you suspect that you’re dealing with a leak in the foundation of your home—so we can get to work and clear it as fast as possible!

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super friendly team today!

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