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Costs of a Water Leak Add Up Fast

If water began spraying out from your kitchen sink or flooding your bathroom, you’d know to call in professional plumbers—fast. But even a “small” water leak causes BIG problems for your home and for your budget.

The cost of a water leak can add up quickly! Call local plumbers the moment you notice a leak in your water pipes, such as one that may be behind your shower or leaking into the garage.

The Potential Cost of a Plumbing Leak

A plumbing leak is an annoyance—that’s for certain. You’ll have to find some way to clean up the water, and that could be difficult if the leak occurs in a carpet. What’s much worse is the damage that could result.

  • Mold Growth – When you wait too long to fix a water leak, it may allow for mold to buildup in walls, carpet, or cabinetry. Average mold remediation costs range from about $500-$4000, but it can be much more if your home gets flooded with water.
  • Water Damage – Thousands of dollars in renovations are common when water damages your walls, ceilings, and flooring.
  • Pipe Repair or Replacement – If a pipe is leaking because it has corroded, the problem may be widespread. Waiting too long to repair or replace pipes may mean you have a higher cost of repair later on.

Spotting the Signs of a Leak

Any time your plumbing system is not quite right, you should suspect an issue and call in professionals to handle the job. Here are some signs you might have a major plumbing leak.

  • Unexplained water spots around the home.
  • A running toilet.
  • Dark spots on walls and ceilings.
  • Low water pressure.
  • High water bills and meter usage.

Notice any of these signs? Call a plumber to your home ASAP. You should also know to turn off the water supply if there is a major leak while you wait for your plumber to arrive.

For more helpful tips and for excellent plumbing service in North Palm Beach, call Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC.

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