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Can a Handyman Fix My Broken Pipes?

For most plumbing contractors, some percentage of the job involves fixing someone else’s mistakes. A shoddy toilet installation leads to leaks in the bathroom. Your recently repaired water heater is unreliable and hot water only comes in waves. No plumbing job should go to an amateur, especially the biggest ones. So when your plumbing pipes are in trouble, be sure to hire only skilled, experienced plumbers for the job.

Plumbers Receive Training and On-the-Job Experience

The main reason to leave this job up to a professional is the amount of training and the skillset that goes into being a plumber. Doing the job right is something that comes with experience—something that a handyman typically doesn’t have.

A handyman is supposed be someone who does it all, which means they focus on…well, everything. Fixing door hinges, replacing countertops, hanging blinds, repairing window units, building shelves, and more might all be found on a handyman’s resume. And that means they’re too busy to keep up-to-date with the plumbing industry (something that’s always changing) and to learn all of the different techniques for something as complex as fixing a set of pipes. Consequentially, the job might take longer, and you could end up with pipes that leak more than they did before.

A Handyman Might Not Have the Right Tools

There are all kinds of tools for repairing and installing plumbing components that you might not even know of. When your pipes are broken, for example, plumbers used to have to dig up the entire length of your pipe to get to the damage and replace the pipe. Many still do this.

However, the best plumbers have access to trenchless technology, which uses hydraulic machinery to access a pipe and add in a new liner without having to dig up the older pipe. You only need one or two holes in the yard instead. Your average handyman is not going to have access to this pricey equipment.

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