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The Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Generally speaking, nobody likes to get up close and personal with their plumbing. If your bathroom sink or your toilet is clogged, you’d rather not think about what’s clogging it—let alone have to dig out the clog yourself, right? Thankfully, technology has made this a little bit easier to deal with since we’ve got advancements like video pipe inspection, hydro jetting, and other pieces of equipment to deal with drains.

Back in the day, a plumber in Boca Raton, FL would have to literally rip open your plumbing system to see what was clogging it, remove the clog, and reinstall the pipe appropriately. Now, with video pipe inspection, there’s no need to haphazardly rip open an entire plumbing system while trying to play guess and check. A minuscule video camera is inserted into your drain on the end of a wire that can snake its way through to eventually reach the clog.

What’s the point of that? Well, keep reading and we’ll give you an answer.

No Guesswork

The utilization of video pipe inspection allows plumbers to get an intimate view of your plumbing system before they pull it apart and put it back together again. Plumbers can accurately measure what material is clogging your drain, and what kind of solution would be most applicable in this instance.

Catching Problems Quickly

Sometimes it can be hard to tell how bad a drain clog is until it’s too late. Normally, if you’re dealing with a clogged drain, you know because there’s a serious backup that’s keeping you from using your sink or toilet properly. With video pipe inspection, even if you think you’ve got a minor clog forming, a plumber can take a look at no extra cost to them. There’s no risk of damaging your pipes, wasting water, or creating any unnecessary hazards since video pipe inspections are the most non-invasive form of drain inspection available.

Ample Evidence

We hate that so many amateur plumbers have garnered such a bad reputation over the years. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to not trust plumbers, from bad previous experiences and because of how expensive plumbing repairs can be. That being said, video pipe inspections are the perfect solution for a homeowner that’s trying to repair the trust between the customer and the professional. With a video pipe inspection, a plumber can show you direct evidence of your clogged plumbing system, and can recommend serious solutions without having to convince you. What better way to have a homeowner see how serious the problem in their plumbing is, other than showing them?

Well, we hope that when given the opportunity to have a professional technician provide video pipe inspection on your home plumbing system, you give a resounding yes. There are absolutely no downsides to this technique, as it provides quality information and allows a plumber to perform a great job without the need for guesswork. If you’re in the business of making smart decisions, this is an idea to hold onto.

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