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Are You Dealing With a Tree Root Invasion?

Wow, now that sounds like a horror movie we’d like to see in theaters. Just make sure you give us the credit next time you decide to write the screenplay for the Invasion of the Tree Roots! All jokes aside, a tree root invasion is just as bad as you think it is. Trees are resilient, and while they’re beautiful and our ally in fighting climate change and keeping property pretty and pristine, they’re our enemy when it comes to our plumbing systems.

Tree roots can insidiously poke holes and rip openings in your old sewer pipes. They love all of the wastewater that would normally be sent to a water treatment plant. Also, tree roots love to expand to the point where they’re taking control of your underground property. This is a problem that requires a professional plumber in Boynton Beach, FL, and here’s why!

How Tree Roots Infiltrate Your Sewer Pipes

Let’s start with the obvious. How the heck do tree roots infiltrate your sewer pipes? That’s a good question, but the answer might be a bit simpler than you’d expect.

Tree roots are resilient. They’re able to push hundreds of pounds of dirt around so that they can expand and allow for the absorption of more water and nutrients. While we don’t really see them move because of how slow they are, they can quite easily infiltrate our homes and our plumbing systems.

If a sewer system runs near a tree, it’s really only a matter of time before the roots press up against it and corrode it, leading to a leak and eventually problems with your property. You might see wastewater leech into your property, cause foul odors, smells, and even clogs that completely halt your sewer system.

Steer Clear From Chemicals and DIY Solutions

Many companies market their chemical solutions as tree repellent, but the truth is that there’s no good solution that’s DIY for this kind of problem. Most chemicals you use from a store will not just kill the tree roots, but rot out the entire tree, poison all the organisms on your property (including plants and your pets), and even continue to corrode your sewer pipes. Chemicals are just a bad solution for a problem that already can get pretty serious.

Also, don’t try to dig up the tree roots. Not only will this prove ineffective since they’re buried far deep beneath the ground to the point of being extremely difficult to dig up without equipment, but a falling tree is a serious risk for your personal safety and the security of your home. Plus, why hurt a tree when it can be such a great partner to live with on your property?

Call A Plumber for Professional Help

A professional plumber is exactly what you need. They have video pipe inspection systems that can help them locate where exactly the tree roots are infiltrating and how serious the leak is. Then, they’ve got technology like hydro jets and even industrial-grade equipment to help remove the tree root and ensure that both the tree, your sewer system, your home, and your health are preserved!

At Admiral Plumbing services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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