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7 Tips from a Professional Plumber

Imagine what your life would be like if your best friend were a professional, licensed plumber. We’re not talking just someone who is handy with pipes and drains, we mean someone who would be recognized as a master plumber. You’d have access to some pretty nifty technology and your pipes would have an angel who could save them every few years.

We might not be your best friend, but we’d like to build up a repertoire with you as your local professional plumber. In order to do this, we’d like to share some of the knowledge that we’ve gleaned from working on pipes day in and day out. If you want advice, we’ve got it!

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1. Keep Things Clean

Generally speaking, a home that’s been kept clean will have less drain clogs than those that are dirtier. When your sink is full of stagnant water and dirty dishes, it becomes a petridish for things like mold and other gunk that can start to form in your drain. That will then slow things down and make it harder each time you use it. Eventually, you’ll be dealing with a full-scale clog if you’re not careful! Keep your sinks clean to alleviate frequent drain clogs.

2. Get a Mesh Screen

Mesh screens can be a great way to catch food scraps and other small particles that would otherwise contribute to a clog in your plumbing system. Sure, they add an extra step when cleaning your sink, but they’re worth the extra effort!

3. Use the Trash

Sometimes it can just be easy to cram everything down the drain. There’s something satisfying about sending everything down there and making it just disappear. Unfortunately, this is how most drain clogs form and you’re better off emptying your food waste into the trash. It’s not as easy a solution as just flushing it down the drain, but you’ll be thanking us when you end up saving money down the line.

4. Only Flush Certain Materials

When using your toilet, make sure you only flush waste and toilet paper. It doesn’t matter how toilet-safe you think these chemicals, paper towels, or materials are, they’re probably not very good for your toilet and drains.

5. Use a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals grind up food waste so that it can more easily be digested by your plumbing. This is a great solution that ends up making things a lot easier on your plumbing system and reducing the amount of clogs you’ll run into.

6. Watch Out for FOG

FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease, which is a nasty combination of materials that can be detrimental to your plumbing. FOG materials can liquify into a viscous form when they’re heated up, but then solidify when they cool down, meaning they’ll flow into your drain and then harden into a clog. Make sure you dump them when you can.

7. Clean Your Drain Naturally

Don’t use chemical drain cleaners on your plumbing system. You drain is meant to handle things like boiling water, drain snakes, and plungers, but it’s not meant to handle corrosive chemicals.

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