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5 Reasons to Get Your Well Pump Fixed

Is your well pump in trouble? That’s a tricky question since many homeowners don’t really know how to tell if a problem is just an internal plumbing issue, or an issue with the well pump itself.

Well pumps are designed to do one thing, pump water from a ground well and move it into your home. Once it’s there, it can be used for all sorts of things, from laundry to cooking. As long as you have the right water purification devices, you can even drink the water safely. However, a well pump can encounter some problems throughout its lifespan that can lead to your life being flipped upside down.

Today, we’re going to talk about some signs that point towards well pump repair in West Palm Beach, FL. We’ll discuss what the problems mean, why a pump might act up this way, and what you can do about it.

Stay Vigilant

A well pump in disrepair is only going to get worse over time. We’d advise everyone to stay vigilant and to report any potential well pump problems they might experience to the expert plumbers on our team. We can help you with your current issue and also make sure that no issues come up in the immediate future.

Water Pressure Issues

Water pressure issues can be tricky, because they can be from an internal plumbing problem or from your well pump. Only a licensed professional with the right measurement tools can truly tell you the source of the problem and fixed it with a targeted approach.

Make no mistake, your home should have a powerful enough water pressure to provide ample water to multiple appliances at once.

Well Pump Noises

A well pump should work behind the scenes to provide your home with water. If it makes a loud or uncomfortable noise every time you draw water from it, then there is clearly something wrong with it that must be fixed. This is an excellent sign to be aware of, and it’s easy for a professional to diagnose.

No Water

Uh oh, no water is a big problem. If you turn your faucets or plumbing appliances on and no water comes out, you can bet there’s probably a problem with the well pump. If this system can’t work properly, or malfunctions to the point of breaking down, it will be unable to provide your whole home with the water it needs. This issue should be fixed ASAP.

Spraying Faucets or Showers

A spraying faucet or shower (aside from how it’s supposed to work) can signal pressure problems. There might be issues with the well pump getting enough water, or running well enough to provide your appliances with the proper amount of water. This should be fixed by a professional.

A Running Pump

If your well pump is running all the time, that could mean that there’s a leak or malfunction with the system itself. Well pumps are only supposed to run when you need to draw water from the well. This is an important thing to consider and could clue you into when there’s a leak that needs to be fixed by a plumber.

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