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3 Things You Should Know about Slab Leaks

A slab leak is a major hassle, but it helps a little when you know what to expect. Below, we list a few things we think all homeowners should know about slab leaks—leaks underneath the concrete foundation of a home—so that they can be more prepared should this frustrating event pop up.

They can weaken your foundation

Your foundation is not made up of small individual pieces. It’s an entire unit—a concrete block supporting the structure of your home. So when a leak begins to make its way out of the pipes beneath your concrete foundation, it won’t affect only part of it. It can cause your entire foundation to shift. That is why you’ll often notice cracks in the walls or baseboard of your home after a slab leak.

It’s often the hot water lines that break

Hot water lines may corrode and break faster than cold water pipes. When the temperatures in the pipes change, they expand and contract frequently, which can wear them down quickly. Pay attention to any signs that only your hot water lines are in trouble. A lack of hot water or trouble keeping the water hot in the shower may not indicate problems with your water heater. It could be a slab leak.

Your insurance policy might not cover it

Unfortunately, some insurance companies find ways around paying for a slab leak due to the wording in your contract. Make sure that your insurance policy does cover slab leaks, first and foremost. Many do, but they include that the leak must be sudden. That’s why it’s so important to catch slab leaks as early on as possible. Pay attention to the signs and call a plumber right away if you suspect a leak!

  • Water pressure dropping.
  • Lack of hot water pressure.
  • Hot or warm spots on the floor.
  • Cracks in the wall.
  • The sound of rushing water.
  • Moisture on the ground.

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