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3 Reasons You Should Never Use Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Your drains aren’t as robust as you might think. Sure, they’re usually made out of copper or PVC piping which is sturdy and strong, but those materials quickly corrode when you start pouring strange chemicals down them. Think about it—no material in this world is safe from the effects of corrosion due to harsh chemicals. That’s why we think it’s so important that we make a small PSA in this blog post about the negatives that come with chemical drain cleaners. Your drains and your personal health are at risk when you use them.

We understand the drive for homeowners to find any cure for their drain clog that isn’t calling for professional plumbing in Port St. Lucie, FL, but that might be a very bad idea. For reasons we’re about to mention, calling a plumber might be your best, most effective option when dealing with a clog.

#1: They’re Harmful to Your Drain

The first and most obvious aspect to chemical drain cleaners is how likely they are to destroy your pipes. Many of these materials are caustic or acidic, which means they’re supposed to cause a chemical reaction and break down a drain clog so that your pipes can function more effectively. However, there’s no real limit on what this material chemically reacts with, so it most likely will also eat away at the pipelining of your drain system and the pipe material itself. We see a steady increase in leaks and drain problems when harsh chemicals are used more often, because the integrity of the pipes will be damaged from these caustic materials.

#2: They’re Harmful to You and Your Family

These chemicals can have pretty bad effects on your personal health in many different ways. For starters, using them without rubber gloves or some kind of covering that protects your skin is a bad idea, since they’ll cause irritation and even chemical burns. Also, they produce fumes that can be harmful to breathe in, irritating your nose, eyes, mouth, throat, and causing distress for your respiratory system.

Did we mention that these fumes will linger in your bathroom for hours to days? This means that you’ll be reeling from these side effects for a long time, as they eat away at your pipes and they barely even work at all!

#3: They Don’t Even Work

This is the most depressing part about using chemical drain cleaners. They really don’t work as well as they’re advertised. It’s easy for us to imagine pouring a chemical down the drain and having it magically eat away at the clog until our drain is sparkly and good as new. But this isn’t the reality of the situation and it rarely—if ever—works out that way.

Through all of the health effects and the pipe damage, these chemicals tend to barely even work. That’s because drain clogs can be more physically demanding, and depending on the material that’s clogging your drain, chemicals might have less of an effect on them than you thought.

Only the help of a professional plumber can safely and easily remove a drain clog without damaging your personal health or the health of your drains.

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