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3 Reasons a Well Pump Fails

As a trusted plumbing service in Lake Worth, FL, want to help everyone keep all the most important components of their plumbing systems in excellent condition. And if you use a well pump to get your water (rather than the city’s supply), you know that this is the component of your home plumbing you cannot go without.

When a well pump fails, you don’t have any means of delivering water to your faucets. Today, we want to let you know about a few common reasons well pumps fail, so that you can take the proper steps to protect yours or schedule a replacement before you are without water.

It’s Working Too Hard

If your pump is working way too often—shutting off and turning on frequently or running all the time—it’s a problem for a lot of reasons. Your energy bills are likely through the roof! Additionally, the electrical components are wearing down quickly. And if you wait too long for repairs, you may need to replace your entire pump a lot sooner than you’d hoped.

It’s Rusty

The components of your well pump are exposed to water constantly, so rust and corrosion may hit at some point. If you notice signs of wear and tear, call plumbers to replace the components. It’s better to do so now than to wait for leaks to cause even more trouble.

You Didn’t Get Repairs or Maintenance Soon Enough

From time to time, you will need to replace the pressure switch, and the tank needs replacement eventually as well. Waiting too long or neglecting these tasks can overwork the pump causing it to break sooner than the average well pump’s lifespan is up. Schedule routine maintenance a couple of times a year so that your well can work efficiently for longer.

If you notice any problems with your well pump, call in a plumber ASAP! Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers well pump services in Lake Worth, FL. Call our super friendly team for exceptional service.

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