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Why Grease Buildup Is So Bad for Your Drains

When you’re cooking with fats, oils, and grease, they may seem like harmless substances. You may know that they clog your arteries, but that’s not the only harm they can cause. Your drainpipes and sewer line can be affected by these substances in a major way.

Greasy Drain Buildup

As grease and fats move down the drain, they can start to harden as they cool. They become caked on to the inside of the pipes. And this reduces the volume available in the pipes. The restricted drainage flow can eventually cause your drains to slow down and back up. And additional debris can collect to cause even more blockage.

How to Resolve the Problem

For most largescale drain and sewer clogs, traditional home remedies will not work. A small drain snake doesn’t do the trick for those further along in the sewer line. A plunger can only reach clogs near the drain opening. And chemical drain cleaners are made of toxic chemicals that can cause severe injury—and they’re not even all that effective. They can tear up the insides of your drains and they might just push the problem further along.

That’s why you need to call in professionals to do the job. And make sure that you get in touch with plumbers who offer hydro jetting as part of their services.

How Hydro Jetting Works

Hydro jetting involves using a long, thin hose to blast clogs out of the pipes. The hose moves down the pipe, and water blasts out from all 360 degrees of the nozzle. Your drains get cleaned and cleared of the gunk in the pipes. Your plumber may even check with a camera to be sure.

This is particularly important for kitchen sinks. Hydro jetting actually prevents clogs from occurring from time to time, since the lack of buildup keeps debris from collecting quickly in the pipes.

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