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When is it Necessary to Have New Pipelining Done?

root-pipe-splitPlumbing pipes last quite a long time, depending on what they’re made of. Iron and copper, the two most common plumbing pipe materials, can last for decades under the right circumstances. However, no pipe is going to last forever. At some point, you’re likely going to need to replace some or all of the pipes in your plumbing system. Today we’re going to focus on sewer pipelining, and when it’s necessary.

Tree Roots

Tree root structures actually extend far beyond the visible part of the tree, and often find their way into water and sewer pipes nearby. Once a tree root penetrates your sewer line, it will grow and spread until it starts to clog the pipe. This can cause frequent backups and other unpleasant issues. The root growth can also compromise the stability of the pipe itself, causing it to leak and presenting a biohazard to the surrounding area. If you have rampant tree root growth in your sewer line, and it can’t be fixed by merely cutting the roots out, then it might be time for new pipelining.


Over time, the soil around your sewer line will shift. In most cases, this won’t be significant enough to cause any actual problems for the pipe. However, in severe cases soil shifting can lead to bellying. This is where part of the pipe is distorted to form a dip in the line, making it difficult for things to flow smoothly and increasing the chances of blockages forming. It can even cause the pipe to rupture if the soil shifts enough. If the soil is unstable enough that it’s causing this problem, it’s definitely time to have some new pipelining done.


Regardless of what kind of material your sewer line is made out of, it is likely vulnerable to some kind of corrosion. Iron pipes rust over time, while copper pipes are corroded by chlorine and formaldehyde particles. At first, this may only lead to some leaks here and there that need to be repaired. If you’re not careful, though, corrosion can easily get to a point where it is too advanced to warrant continuing to repair the pipe. If the corrosion has compromised most of your sewer line, it’s time to just install a new one.

Old Age

This isn’t so much a specific problem as a condition that can bring about many other problems. No matter how careful you are about scheduling regular inspections and maintenance, your pipes will eventually get old enough that they’ll start to fail. If your sewer line is decades old, and is starting to leak or develop other issues on a regular basis, it’s probably a good idea to talk to a technician about replacing it.

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