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What’s the Best Drain Cleaning Method for Reoccurring Clogs?

Does it seem like your drains clog up over and over again? This is a problem for many homeowners, especially in the kitchen sink. Often, you find a way to unclog the sink drain, but it’s really only temporary.

If you have a sink that clogs time and time again, it’s time for a different approach. Store-bought cleaners and augers just won’t cut it, but professional hydro jetting keeps drains clear for longer.

The Problem with Other Drain Cleaning Methods

If you’ve ever used chemical drain cleaners to clear a clog, throw those out now! They are especially toxic and dangerous if you have children or pets, so put them out of reach at the very least.

Chemical drain cleaners are designed to dissolve certain organic materials—but not all. They often just push problems further along, and they are not always effective at all. They have also been known to destroy the lining of pipes.

Drain augers may remove clogs for now. However, they don’t clean the insides of the drains completely, preventing clogs from forming in the near future. They remove the major blockage, but ignore the residue that is likely stuck in the pipe lining. That’s where hydro jetting comes in.

How Hydro Jetting Is Different

Hydro jetting equipment includes video cameras on cables to inspect the pipe along with a long, thin hose connected to a water supply. The hose can spray out water at all 360° of the nozzle head. The high pressure of the water pushes clogs through to the sewer line.

Hydro jetting can get rid of a major clog, and it also allows for all of the residue stuck onto the lining of the pipe to clear out. And this is important because all of that residue allows for debris to latch on and form blockage a lot faster.

Call Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC to clear out your clogs in Lake Park. We offer hydro jetting service for kitchen sinks.

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