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What’s Involved with Professional Hydro Jetting Service?

You may have purchased a liquid drain cleaner from the hardware shop or grocery store at some point in time. This substance is made of chemicals, and the label claims these can defeat drain clogs so you can go about your normal daily routine. However, any plumber will warn you that this label is somewhat misleading.

The Problem with Drain Cleaning Chemicals

Most drain cleaning chemicals can only really dissolve a few of the most common sources of a clog, while any others either remain or are just pushed further along into the drains. What the label does tell you, however, if you turn around the bottle, is that it is highly toxic. Drain cleaning chemicals are known to cause injury to people and pets, and they can even damage the inside of your drains.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

A hydro-jetter is a thin hose that can shoot out water at 360 degrees. Before using a hydro-jetter, a plumber often inspects the drains to look for major clogs and determine if a different tool, like a drain snake, should be used first. The jet is inserted into the drainpipe and turned on to blast clogs into the sewer.

This has a few major benefits:

  • Removes clogs: Many types of blockage can be treated with a blast from a high-pressure water jet.
  • Prevents future clogs: You may see very few clogs occur in the near future since there is no residue along the inside of the pipes for debris to cling on to.
  • Safe for your pipes: Finally, this method is completely safe for your pipes.

Ask your local plumber if they use hydro-jetting for drain cleaning services, and don’t settle for a company that does not. You won’t find this product at your local hardware store, and professional plumbers have the training to use it properly.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC provides quality drain cleaning with hydro-jetting to remove blockages completely. Call our super-friendly team for exceptional service in the Boca Raton area.

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