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Trenchless Pipe Lining: How Does It Work?

Have you been told that your sewer pipes need replacing in order to restore your drain and sewer system? Were you given an unreasonably long timeline for the job by a local plumbing company? Are you troubled by the idea of a huge mess in your yard? Trenchless pipe lining may be the service for you. Not all plumbers offer trenchless services for sewer pipes, but this service can make the idea of pipeline repair a lot less troublesome. Find out more below!

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Saves You Time

Traditional methods of sewer line repair are tedious. Your technician has to dig a large trench in your yard in order to reach the pipes and remove all of the portions that require replacing. But trenchless pipe lining service only requires that your plumber dig one or two holes on your property as access points. You won’t have to bother with so much cleanup afterwards and the job will be completed a lot faster.

How Trenchless Pipe Lining Works

The technician digs a hole in the yard and uses large hydraulic machinery to feed a deflated pipe into the existing pipe. This tube is coated with resin, and it is inflated as a tool moves through the pipe. After several hours, the resin coating on the pipe hardens, creating a new pipe within the older damaged pipe that can last for decades more.

The equipment used for this job is expensive, which is why not every plumbing company offers the service. And while some damaged pipes may not benefit from trenchless pipe lining, investing in trenchless pipe repair machinery is a good investment for any plumbing company. Be sure to ask your technicians whether they offer trenchless services before deciding on any particular method of repair.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers trenchless pipe lining services in the Port Saint Lucie area. For upfront pricing and reliable technicians, call our super friendly team for exceptional service!

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