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Will Pipe Relining Stand the Test of Time?

Inside-Tunnel-large-pipeGot older pipes in need of replacement? Many people initially assume that this process will be daunting. In the past, broken pipes needed to be completely replaced. Technicians had to dig a trench in the yard that stretched from one end to the other, leaving a mess behind, tearing up your beloved landscaping, and taking a lot of your time.

Some plumbers still elect to do it the old way. But that’s because they likely do not have the equipment to do a trenchless pipe relining. This service allows us to skip the trench in favor of digging only one hole in your yard! Today, we’re here to answer a question we hear a lot: will this work as well as pipe replacement?

Works on Most Sewer Pipes

There are times when a trenchless sewer pipe relining is simply not the best option. The good news, however, is that most of the time, trenchless sewer repair will hold up just fine! This process involves using a piece of equipment to move a new sewer pipe relining through an old sewer pipe by digging only one hole in the ground.

There are a couple of ways to reline a pipe. One method involves dragging a new pipe lining through an older pipe and inflating it as the hydraulic equipment moves through it. The new pipe lining is coated in an epoxy and sealed into place.

Another method involves simply using a quality epoxy to line the pipe. A camera is inserted along with the machinery that will inject the epoxy through the pipe opening to every part of the pipe. In fact, a technician can see areas that will require a greater amount of epoxy in order to ensure these areas get more. The whole process takes only a few hours. And the epoxy is extremely durable.

It’s Possible for Pipe Relining to Last Longer than Metal Pipes

Pipe relining stands the test of time. In fact, pipe relining may actually last for longer than an all new pipe!

When pipes are made of metal, they may corrode over time. Galvanized steel, an older pipe that was used in homes 50 years ago, stood a higher chance of corroding than modern copper pipes due to its reactivity with water. However, copper pipes can corrode too, for reasons that vary but have to do with the makeup of the soil around them.

A relined pipe is unlikely to corrode naturally with time so easily. The adhesive used to seal it into place is long-lasting and durable. Most predictions put relined pipes at a lifespan upwards of about 50 years!

Of course, this depends on a couple of key factors.

  • Ensuring that the right epoxy is used to fill in all areas of piping that need it.
  • Taking steps to avoid pipe infiltration by tree roots.
  • Maintaining your plumbing system properly.
  • Choosing the right plumbers for the job!

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers pipe relining in Lake Worth, FL from Picote Solutions. Contact us today!

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