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Make Kitchen Drain Clogs a Thing of the Past

During the holiday season, kitchen drain clogs are more and more likely to occur with each big meal. Bu you may not have to deal with this annual hassle if you take extra steps to protect your drains this year. Take a look at our expert advice for preventing kitchen clogs around the holiday season.

Upgrade to a New Disposal Unit

Do you experience kitchen drain clogs frequently? It could be that your existing garbage disposal is ineffective. For homeowners who use the disposal frequently, you might want to consider an upgrade, especially if your older unit is over 10-15 years old. A new jam-free garbage disposal with a higher horsepower can help to protect your pipes.

Know How to Use Your Disposal

You should also make sure you are using your disposal properly. Only place small amounts of food in the disposal when possible, and avoid pouring fats and oils down the drain, which can solidify in your pipes. Additionally, make sure to avoid:

  • Non-foods like plastic wrapper and cigarette butts.
  • Fibrous foods that can wrap around the motor.
  • Hard scraps like turkey bones and peach pits.
  • Pasta and rice, which expand in the drains.

Schedule Drain Cleaning with Hydro Jetting

Finally, you may be able to improve the state of your drains and eliminate some buildup with preventive drain cleaning. Hydro jetting is using a thin hose to blast out water at high pressures in order to clean the drains. This service may be used when there is already a clog in your pipes, but it can also be used to prevent blockage from forming. The high-pressure water jet gets residue out of the pipes, which can prevent additional debris from clinging to the drainpipe.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC installs GrindSmart ¾ HP or ½ HP disposal units with a 10-year or 5-year warranty for Port St. Lucie customers. Call our super friendly team for exceptional service!

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