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When Is Hydro Jetting Really Necessary?

Inside-Tunnel-large-pipeThe last time your drains slowed down, you might have found a simple solution. Sometimes, you can simply clear out some hair from the drain opening. Other times, a plunger is your best bet.

Of course, we all know that eventually, you’ll have to call a professional for your plumbing problems. And a professional may recommend using hydro jetting to clear out those drains. This is going to take some time and involve bringing some professional equipment into your home. You might start to wonder, “Is this really the right choice for your home?”

Why can’t you just use chemicals?

Professionals never recommend those common drain cleaning chemicals found in many homes. We know it might seem like an easy out for your toughest drain clogs, but here’s the truth about those drain cleaning chemicals you find on store shelves:

  • They’re some of the most toxic chemicals you can buy at the store, potentially injuring the skin and eyes.
  • They can actually damage the lining of the pipes!
  • The chemicals often are not able to dissolve certain types of clogs. They may only push the problem further on in the sewer line, causing more problems later on.

What about augers or “drain snakes?”

If a plunger does not work, an at-home drain auger might do the trick. However, this depends on how far down the clog is. If it’s near the drain opening, you might have a drain snake at home that will work. But if it’s farther down the drain, you’ll need a large professional drain auger—or hydro jetting.

Your plumber may recommend snaking the drain, but they might recommend a more permanent drain cleaning solution—hydro jetting! This is the only way to really clean out all of the debris and gunk in the drains.

Will hydro jetting cause damage or leave a mess?

Nope! The beauty of hydro jetting is that the jetting equipment is designed to protect your drains. A long, thin hose enters the pipes through a cleanout or through the drain opening. Water blasts out to all 360° of the pipe, but not fast enough to damage the pipes. It pushes residue out to the drain opening, so there’s no mess!

What are some other times you might need hydro jetting?

There are some other instances that may call for hydro jetting. It can help to clear out tree roots from the drain, a problem many of us are all too familiar with. Hydro jetting is often used to clear out pipes before they are replaced or relined as well.

It can also help to prevent clogs from coming back! When you get all of that sticky residue out of the drains, debris won’t have a chance to latch on in the first place.

Still in doubt? Get a second opinion! Make sure you consult with a plumber that offers hydro jetting in order to give you an honest assessment of your pipes and your needs.

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