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How High-Pressure Water Jetting Helps Your Drains

Over the holidays, your drains most likely went through a lot. If you had a holiday feast this year, then chances are that the garbage disposal was working overtime to get food scraps down the drain as your guests scraped their plates into the kitchen sink.

If you have lots of trouble with clogs in your kitchen sink or throughout the entire home, schedule drain cleaning service today. But don’t accept service from just anyone. Choose professionals who use hydro-jetting along with drain cleaning service to get blockage out of the drains and keep it out for longer.

Clears Up Clogs

The main reason homeowners choose to schedule high-pressure water jetting is due to a clog in the kitchen drain or in the main sewer line. Hydro-jetting removes the obstruction using a jet of water at a high pressure to push blockage out to the sewer system. The 360° nozzle shoots out water from all sides, allowing clogs to burst through the pipes and move out to the sewer, where they belong. This is useful for clogs at a single fixture or throughout your sewer system.

There are other methods of cleaning out the drains, such as using a drain auger to pull out a clog from one end of the drain or to break apart tree roots and other obstructions. But high-pressure water jetting not only helps to clear clogs; it can also prevent them!

Prevents Future Clogs

Clogs can form quickly if sticky residue lines the inside of your pipes. This allows debris to collect in the pipes quickly and cause blockages. But hydro-jetting clears away the residue that collects in a year so that you are unlikely to develop a major clog in the drain and sewer lines any time soon. You can use hydro-jetting as a means of preventive maintenance so that you’re not faced with a major clog on a busy day when you are unavailable to call a plumber.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers drain cleaning with hydro-jetting in West Palm Beach. Call our super-friendly team for exceptional service!

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