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How Can You Tell If There’s Grease in Your Drains?

Have you heard? Putting grease down the drains in your home is one of the most damaging things you can do for your plumbing system. It may seem like a harmless act—right now—to dump the leftover grease, fat, or oil from cooking into the kitchen sink. But over time, this residue does a lot of damage.

What Grease Does to the Drains

If you’ve ever left bacon grease sitting in a pan for too long, you know two things. First, it’s certainly not appealing. And second, grease actually solidifies as it cools down. Now picture pouring that same bacon grease, while it is still warm, down the drains.

It turns into a sticky residue inside of the drains that actually clogs the insides of pipes as it continues to build up. Additional debris and residue latch on until the volume in the drainage pipes becomes restricted, and wastewater cannot move down the drains the way it’s supposed to.

Make Small Changes

The clogs resulting from fats, oils, and grease are some of the worst clogs we see. Given time, they can cause such significant blockage that sewage can actually back up into the home! Don’t let this happen to you. Keep separate containers available when cooking so that you can throw grease out with the trash. You may even want to look into composting or recycling programs for cooking grease and oils.

What to Do For Now

Not sure if your drains are currently building up grease? If it’s been many years since you’ve had someone clean out your drains, you may want to consider it as a preventative measure. That way, you won’t have to deal with clogged drains further along the road, in the middle of a family dinner or a big get-together!

Hydro jetting involves using a long, thin, high-pressure hose that blasts water out at all 360°. That way, it’s able to reach every inch of the inside of your pipes, clearing out the grease entirely.

For more information, or to schedule hydro jetting today in Jupiter, FL, call Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC!

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