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How Camera Inspections Help Us Narrow Down Sewer Line Problems

Nowadays, cameras are getting smaller and smaller. Just look at the camera on the back of your smartphone right now! Tiny cameras are no longer just for detectives and undercover operations, and this is great news for the plumbing industry.

In the past, plumbers needed to use listening equipment, manual tools, and digging to find the exact source of a problem within the pipes, and it may have involved some trial and error. But now, when there is a clog or leak in your sewer line, camera line inspections are the norm for many (but not all) plumbers.

What It Is

The way it works is simple. A thin cable contains a video camera at the very end. A plumber feeds the line through the piping and looks for whatever the problem might be.

  • Major leakage.
  • Pinhole leaks.
  • Major blockage.
  • Residue buildup.
  • Tree root infiltration.

Why You Need a Sewer Line Camera for Clogs

You might be wondering: is it really so important that a plumber investigate the problem if I only have a clog? Can’t they just use a drain snake to clear the drains?

The problem is that what seems like a standard clog could be a whole lot more. If water is slow to clear from the drain, it may be due to a tree root, and that requires a completely different method for drain and sewer repair. You may even need to consider trenchless pipe replacement, and that’s something you should know about sooner rather than after a failed drain snaking.

Alternatively, a plumber can use a sewer line camera to find large buildups of residue, and to prove that hydro jetting has cleared up the drains. There are so many benefits to using modern technology with plumbing, but remember that only some plumbers have access to this technology.

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