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Do You Have a Sewer Clog or Leak?

Sewers really are the unseen champions of our homes. They work tirelessly to keep contaminants a safe distance from our water system, while also being convenient and out of sight. When you flush your toilet or take a shower, you take pride in the fact that your wastewater exits your home and enters a septic tank or sewage system that takes it away to be treated. That is one of the greatest things that we enjoy in the modern era, and we just want to take a second to be thankful for that.

Then, we’d like to talk to our customers about their sewer systems. If you’re less thankful and more frustrated with your backed up or malfunctioning sewer system, then you might be in need of our sewage pump services in West Palm Beach, FL. We want to talk about a few signs that might point you towards the need for professional support.

Signs of a Sewer Clog

Let’s first start with the infamous sewer clog. If your sewer or septic system is clogged, then it might need to be pumped by our professionals. Here are just a few signs that might take the form of your sewer system telling you that there’s something wrong.

  • All drains are clogged. Your drains connect to your sewer system. This is where the contaminated wastewater ends up, and it’s important that you know this when you’re evaluating your plumbing system. If your drains are all simultaneously starting to clog, it could be a sign that the main clog is coming from the sewer system or septic system itself. If this is the case, then you’ll need our help to alleviate the problem.
  • Gurgling noises in your drains. Gurgling simply occurs when air is getting trapped in your drains. But that air could also be coming from a trap in your sewer system, due to a clog of different material types. We urge you to invest in professional care if your drains are starting to gurgle.

Signs of a Sewer Leak

Here are a few signs that might signify that your sewer system is leaking. We’re firm believers that homeowners should treat both clogged and leaking sewer systems with the same sense of urgency.

  • Greener grasses and shrubberies. Your green grass might be the envy of everyone in the neighborhood, but it might not be a result of your amazing gardening skills. Sewage contains a lot of nitrogen and phosphates that plants like to absorb. This causes your lawn to grow green and lush in color, but it also signifies that sewage is leaking into your property!
  • Foul odors. It’s no secret that sewage and wastewater doesn’t smell too good. If your home is suffering from a sewer or septic leak, then you might experience a foul odor eminate throughout your property.

Whether your sewage system is leaking or suffering from a clog, we want customers to remember that our team can help!

At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super friendly team today!

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