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Chemical Drain Cleaners Just Aren’t Worth It

Chemicals are never the solution. If they’re not the solution for making us healthy or keeping our food clean, then why would we assume they’re the key to keeping our plumbing system clear?

If you didn’t already know, chemical drain cleaners are all over grocery and hardware stores. They’ve been plaguing our company and homeowners in our area with cheap, quick solutions that end up causing more harm than good. No chemical drain formula is ever going to be better than a knowledgeable plumber in Stuart, FL. This isn’t just us spouting our opinion, this is demonstrated in cold hard facts.

Don’t believe us? Keep reading. We’ll get into all the juicy details about what can happen when you use a chemical drain cleaner and why it’s never a good idea.

Read Between the Lines

The companies that make chemical drain cleaners aren’t going to tell you the truth. That’s why it’s up to us, using chemistry and our plumbing knowledge, to give you the facts about what these formulas actually do.

Hazardous Material

If you look closely at the ingredients of a chemical drain cleaner, you’ll notice that they’re almost always either caustic, oxidizing, or acidic. This means they’re substances that can mix with the material clogging your drain to create a chemical reaction that will hopefully clear the drain. However, even if it worked that way, you’d be dealing with the ramifications of a hazardous, disruptive substance in your bathroom or kitchen for days to come.

Materials that are extremely acidic, caustic, or oxidizing (like bleach), can be extremely toxic for your skin, eyes, nose, and throat. They create hazardous fumes that can cause breathing problems in people with sensitive respiratory systems. If you value your health, you’ll stay away from these “plumbing solutions.”

They Don’t Actually Work

Don’t you want to pay for a plumbing solution that actually clears your drains of gunk and clogging material? Then chemical drain cleaners aren’t what you’re looking for. These systems seem like they’re helping initially, but all they’re doing is staving off much-needed plumbing work so that you can keep buying more chemicals. Only a plumber can fix your clogged drain for a long time to come.

They Harm Your Plumbing

We mentioned how acidic or caustic these substances can be. They can damage your bathroom or kitchen fixtures, as well as ruin the lining on your pipes. Some of these chemical reactions produce heat, which can aid in the destruction of your plumbing system as well. You’re actually going to save money by calling a plumber since the problems caused by chemical drain cleaners can become extremely expensive to fix.

Long-Lasting Problems

For anyone who cares about the environment, these chemicals should be avoided at all cost. Not only will they eat the good bacteria in your septic tank or sewer line, responsible for consuming and digesting your waste, but they’ll also wreak havoc on the ecosystem around your home These chemicals inevitably end up in the water supply where they’ll cycle back into the environment. Animals, plants, and people will end up consuming the byproducts of this type of chemical for years to come. Let’s try and avoid that.

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