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Can You Delay Sewer Line Replacement?

Proper care and maintenance may help to extend the lifespan of your drain and sewer system. Replacing your underground piping is a major pain. Today, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by selecting a company that provides trenchless pipe lining services, which eliminates the need to dig a huge trench in your yard. However, replacing the sewer line is still a process that no one wants to go through too soon.

How can you care for your drains?

You should take every precaution you can when it comes to your drains, but we know that many homeowners may not realize that some of the things they do on a daily basis can contribute to potential pipe problems. Here’s what you can do to prevent repairs and possibly extend the life of your pipes.

  • Don’t use chemical drain cleaners for your clogs: Chemical drain cleaners can deteriorate the lining of your pipes—and they are toxic.
  • Think of what you put in your drains: Don’t be careless with your drains. Non-foods always go into the trash can, as do hard foods (meat bones and popcorn kernels, for example) and fibrous foods (like corn husks). FOG (fats, oils, and grease) are known to clog the drains as well, and we recommend pouring these into a trash container instead.
  • Clean out the drains the right way: The right way to clean your drain and sewer system is to have a professional do it! High-pressure water jetting clears out your drains so that clogs are less likely to occur. It also includes a video inspection to find any problems with your pipes you should fix ASAP.
  • Schedule inspections: This is of particular importance if you’ve got a problem with tree roots on your property, or if your pipes are several decades old. Tree roots can wrap around the drains and penetrate them given enough time, so stay on top of the problem and have a professional check from time to time.

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