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4 Situations Calling for Video Pipe Inspection

Inside-Tunnel-large-pipeProfessional video pipe inspection equipment gets to the bottom of a problem faster. Trained plumbers know how to navigate your pipes with a video camera snake (which may be known as a “sewer scope”) in order to view and record video of an issue, or as proof that your drain and sewer system is just fine!

If you think a video camera inspection is right for your pipes, be sure to consult with plumbers who have the right equipment on hand! Here are 4 situations in which video pipe inspection in Jupiter, FL is your best bet.

1. Slow drains and other drainage issues

Don’t take a chance on drain issues. Sometimes, homeowners hope that their slow drains are a temporary issue, so they grab a plunger to work out the issue at the drain opening and let it go. But consistent slow drainage is another issue. It could be due to blockage further along in the sewer line, or a broken sewer line that could be leaking onto your property.

Any of these issues requires professional inspection, and a video camera is the best, least invasive way to do it.

  • Slow drains, especially in more than one fixture in the home
  • Stopped drains
  • Odors from the yard or in the home
  • Any sign of backup…yuck!

2. Routine maintenance

Another great reason to schedule a video pipe inspection is as part of routine maintenance on the house. We believe prevention is the best cure, and it’s better to know about problems now than to wait until sewage makes it onto your property.

This is especially pertinent for anyone who has had to deal with sewage problems in the past and is worried about the state of a new pipe or an existing pipe nearing the end of its lifespan. If you’ve had persistent problems with tree roots, for example, we’d recommend an inspection every year or two.

3. Selling or buying a home

If a potential buyer insists on a pipe inspection before the deal closes, it may fall through if unexpected problems result in a headache that buyer decides not to deal with. Include a video pipe inspection as part of your pre-sale inspection so that you have records to present. Talk to your real estate agent for more information.

We don’t recommend purchasing a home that hasn’t had a video pipe inspection prior to sale. Always ensure there is a record of home inspections and factor the cost of any repairs into the cost of homeownership.

4. A notice from the city

Did you know that you are responsible for the entire length of your sewer line—which may go beyond what you consider the edge of your property? You must make repairs to any part of the sewer line, up until it reaches the city’s main under the street. But this can be offset from the property by quite a bit. If you get a notice from the city that you have X number of days to fix a broken line, call a plumber for an inspection and repair.

Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC offers drain and sewer services in Jupiter, FL. Give us a call!

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