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Admiral Supports Children’s Tumor Foundation

Children’s tumor foundation is a charity committed to funding research for and providing support for those with neurofibromatosis (NF), the general name for disorders that cause tumors to develop at the nerves. We truly believe that this foundation is one of the driving forces in supporting medical advances for individuals with NF and giving them the support they need.

About NF

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a term that encompasses a few different types of genetic disorders: NF1, NF2 and Schwannomatosis. NF is more common than you may think; NF1 has been found to affect about 1 in every 3,000 births. The way any form of NF presents itself can vary greatly, ranging from spots on or underneath the skin to tumors along the spinal nerves or in the brain.

People with NF may live healthy lives, but it can cause learning disabilities or physical challenges. Quality NF research can benefit so many families, which is why Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC is so committed to the cause

About the Children’s Tumor Foundation

The Children’s Tumor Foundation is committed to providing education and support for those affected by NF, increasing public awareness, and funding research that goes directly towards the development of new drugs, treatments, and practices for diagnosis. The majority of CTF donations go toward clinical research and other medical costs.

The Children’s Tumor Foundation’s efforts have already helped lead to some advancements in research. Additionally, the NF registry helps patients to know about recent developments in research and other information in the study of the various forms of NF.

If you’d like to donate to this awesome foundation, check out their website and give what you can!

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