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Why Bathrooms Are Getting High-Tech

Commercial bathrooms look a lot different than they used to. If you’ve ever seen an old magazine with pictures of an airport bathroom, or the restroom of a large mall, you’ll notice lots of differences with today’s restrooms.

If you’re a business owner, it’s probably a hot point of discussion with your customers, employees, tenants, or even your family.

Bathrooms look a lot different now than they used to, and that has some pretty serious ramifications for commercial plumbing service in West Palm Beach, FL.

For example, sink handles and toilet knobs are becoming relics of the past, due to sanitation and upkeep. Screens and filters are becoming common in urinals, sinks, showers, and other commercially used appliances.

Even the plumbing materials that are hooked up to these appliances are different, and the technological advancements aren’t going to stop any time soon. Let’s talk about some big changes and where your building might benefit from them.

Sanitation Is a Major Priority

With COVID-19, customers, employees, tenants, and nearly everyone has been more hygienically conscious. Touching handles, using bathroom appliances regularly, and even washing hands are a topic of everyday conversation now.

That’s a big reason why sensor technology has taken such a prominent direction in commercial bathrooms. Allowing a customer to use a bathroom without having to touch many possibly unclean surfaces makes them feel better and also leads to better sanitary outcomes.

So, keep this in mind when you look at your commercial bathroom appliances. Do they require a lot of fiddling and touching? You might be better off with sensor systems if that’s the case.

Efficiency Is Important

Water efficiency is incredibly important when it comes to commercial plumbing. If a new toilet or sink can do the same job with half as much water, then that means you’re both saving money and a more eco-friendly business. This is basically a win-win for everyone and it’s worth looking into.


Newer, cleaner appliances are easier to use. We’re not just talking about gadgets like automatic soap dispensers and sensor technology, we’re talking about sleek, comfortable appliances that feel good to use.

People will actively avoid using a bathroom that they don’t feel comfortable in, and that can lead to some pretty inconvenient situations.

Customers or employees might avoid going to certain places in your establishment, even subconsciously, which can impact your business and operations.

Make sure your bathrooms feel comfortable and convenient for everyone.

Don’t Forget Longevity

Your commercial sink pipes shouldn’t be made out of galvanized steel or lead anymore. Even if they’re drain pipes, those materials just aren’t used anymore and they can be disastrous to work on when they’re leaking. Lead or galvanized steel pipes are usually going to be over 50 years old and they’re likely in dire need of replacement.

Think about the longevity of your commercial plumbing when evaluating a repiping job. Some of these pipes should be replaced, and you’re better off doing it before a catastrophic leak occurs!

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