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Don’t Cut Costs on Grease Trap Services

Any restaurant owner out there knows how important it is that a grease trap gets treated with care. One slip up, one disgruntled employee, or one technical issue, and your entire building (or perhaps the entire city block) could reek for days while it needs to be professionally cleaned. This is the reason why we offer our professional services for grease traps. We want to stop this kind of event from happening and keep restaurants and buildings alike functioning and smelling just fine.

The moment you cut costs on your grease trap in West Palm Beach, FL, you could see the risk of disaster start to increase. Clogs and backups can start to form, and it could start impacting the ability of your appliances to work in your businesses. Your grease trap needs professional help, and our team can provide it.

The Importance of the Grease Trap

Part of understanding why it’s so bad to cut costs when it comes to the maintenance of your grease trap is related to just how important they are. A poorly maintained grease trap can really make or break a business when it starts encountering problems. It’s very similar to business owners cutting costs on garbage collection or recycling, where a backed-up garbage dumpster could really destroy the aesthetic of your building and ruin whatever you’re trying to sell (especially if it’s food).

Grease traps are supposed to be out of sight and out of mind, which is why paying for professional service is necessary to keep it that way. When you start cutting costs on your grease trap service, like paying an employee or family friend to illegally maintain it, you’re endangering your business and your building.

Treat Your Grease Trap with Care!

Grease traps are complex. They can easily gunk up and clog when they’re not maintained by certified professionals. A clogged grease trap will function as if it were full, and a full grease trap can’t take in any more FOG, or else it will overflow. Whether your grease trap is clogged or full and needs to be emptied, you need a professional to take care of this job.

Cutting Costs

Let’s imagine two scenarios, one where a business owner pays for our professional grease trap services, and the other where a family friend, or a new employee takes a look.

  • Professional service. In this scenario, a business owner is allowed to focus on their establishment while our team takes care of the rest. Based on our licensing and experience, it’s both legal and completely safe for us to maintain, repair, or empty your grease trap system. The risk is minimized and you’re able to focus on what really counts.
  • Amateur service. When you pay for subpar service for your grease trap, you’ll feel anxious about the risk involved. Without proper equipment, knowledge, and experience, an amateur could accidentally ruin something and cause your grease trap to leak or have problems. This could result in some really awful smells and sights that can ruin the reputation of your business.

Cutting costs with your grease trap just isn’t worth it. At Admiral Plumbing Services, LLC, you can count on nice people and super service. Call our super-friendly team today!

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