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Start the New Year With Some Toilet Tips


The holidays have come and gone and what a magical time it’s been! For any of our customers out there who have had the pleasure of staying with relatives and enjoying the company of some little ones, we’re happy for you! It’s been a difficult year for many people, so enjoy as much time with your family as you possibly can.

However, now that the holidays are over, we’re in the midst of the new year celebration and trying to come up with some helpful New Year’s Resolutions that might give us the strength to make some changes in our lives. While many people decide to make some personal decisions for New Year’s, we’d like to offer an option that has to do with your plumbing system. Why not make 2023 the year that you finally set some ground rules for your bathroom plumbing in Jupiter, FL?

Let’s talk about 3 toilet tips that can keep your plumbing system running like new.

Don’t Flush Random Objects Down the Toilet

This might sound like something that’s an obvious tip, but to many homeowners, it’s an important one to get across. The only thing that’s designed to go down your toilet is waste, water, and bath tissue (or toilet paper). Everything else really isn’t designed to be flushed down the toilet and will contribute to a clog.

For instance, any kitty litter, food waste, or toys that might look like they can fit down the toilet should definitely be left out. The drain of a toilet is a particular shape and type that is designed only for specific waste to be flushed down it, and flushing something like a toy down the toilet is going to result in some headaches down the line.

Investigate a Running Toilet

Do you have one pesky toilet that keeps running all the time and you just don’t know why? This is a sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the tank that’s causing it to constantly lose water and refill over and over again.

This can be a pesky problem because any wasted water is going to be reflected in your water bill. After all, you end up paying for the water that goes through your plumbing system, even if you don’t use it.

Running toilets are usually due to a problem with the flapper being loose or broken, since water keeps escaping the toilet tank and the system constantly refills itself. This can be a simple part to replace, but don’t hesitate to call for professional help if you need it.

Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Toilet

After all these years, that old malfunctioning toilet might finally need to be replaced. This isn’t just a service reserved for broken toilets, but it could be helpful for inefficient and older toilets that are wasting your money and water.

For instance, as a 2023 resolution, you could upgrade your toilet to a high-efficiency system that has multiple flushing methods to conserve water. It could save you money on your water bill year after year, and even be more convenient for some of your family members.

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