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Do I Need to Call a Plumber for This Toilet Clog?

It’s tedious to attempt to fix a clogged toilet. You might have to use a lot of strength to dislodge the clog. And in the end, it’s possible that your plunger just isn’t enough. So how do you know whether your toilet clog is truly a DIY job or if you need the help of a trained, experienced plumber to really tackle the problem?

Signs of a Serious Problem

You should call in a plumber if the problem affects multiple drains in your home. If your toilet is not draining, and the kitchen sink and tub don’t drain either, you’ve got a widespread problem. You’ll need experts with the right tools for a sewer line clog.

Another reason to call a plumber is if sewage is coming out of your toilet. This type of backup is a serious problem, so you need experts to make sure the repair is handled properly and safely.

Then, of course, you should call a plumber if you drop something into the toilet that you want to retrieve, like a wedding ring. A plunger won’t help here, and a plumber can help to get the object safely.

When You Can Do It On Your Own

If you need a plumber’s help with your toilet clog, it’s okay! Plumbers know how frustrating it is to have a clogged toilet, and the good ones will offer you excellent customer service and a fair price to take care of your toilet troubles.

But if you’ve got the tools and the strength for the job, you probably want to give it a go first. Today, the best toilet plungers look a little different, with an extra flange that pulls out of the middle of the rubber component to make it easier to use and lock into place. When using the plunger, make sure you are putting equal force into pushing down and pulling up—and be consistent and patient!

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